Cupping therapy  originated in china and is part of the system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It involves placing glass cups onto the skin to create suction ,this can release muscle tension, improve blood supply and promote cellular repair. 

What should I expect?

During a cupping treatment a glass cup is heated with a small flame to remove the oxygen from within it, then it is quickly applied to the skin to create a vacuum this draws the skin up into the cup. You may have cupping as part of an acupuncture treatment or you may have it as a treatment on its own .It can involve a single cup being applied or multiple cups over a wider area such as on the back. It is often combined with deep tissue massage. 

The skin usually turns red under the cup and forms mild bruising which may take 5-10 days to fade.

Cupping can be used for

  • Tight painful muscles

  • Arthritis

  • Joint pain

  • Respiratory problems

  • Cellulite areas


Deep tissue Massage / Acupressure

Coming from an acupuncture TCM background Lynda does not believe in treating symptoms only as they tend to recur. She often combines massage/acupressure/gua sha with acupuncture and cupping when treating musculo-skeletal problems as this helps to get into the deeper connective and muscular tissues and improves the outcome of the treatment.

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"This has had a hugely positive effect on my mental state and the quality of my life has dramatically improved."

- Nick Godsall

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