Initial appointment with Lynda Sharp 


this includes a consultation and treatment.

(client forms can be downloaded from the site to be completed before your visit otherwise arrive 10 mins before your appointment time in order to fill in your form)


Follow-up appointments with Lynda Sharp for Acupuncture, Bowen and Cupping  £42.00.

Block Bookings

Book and pay for your initial appointment and two follow up 

appointments for £130 saving you £6 


Book and pay for three follow up session for £120 saving you £6

(this is done at reception)

Book and pay for six follow up sessions for £240 saving you 


(this is done at reception)

Twice weekly visits for acute 

problems £30 per visit (30 mins)

Daily treatments for acute problems

£15 per visit (30 min sessions)

Mobiliser Appointments (15 min) £10

(course of 6 £50 book and pay at reception)

Some private health insurance companies will pay for Acupuncture treatment please enquire about this 


"This has had a hugely positive effect on my mental state and the quality of my life has dramatically improved."

- Nick Godsall

Company name: Wellness Centre Dumfries Limited                                                                      Company Number: SC601280