How often should I have Acupuncture?


Very Severe Pain                      Daily until there is a change             For several days then

                                                                                                             Go up to next level

8-10 on a 1-10 scale

Acute Back Sprain

Daily Migraine

Acute injury .

Serious Discomfort                   Every other day                              For a week or two then 

Sprained ankle                                                                                       Go up to next level

Asthma flare up

Acute injury 

Acute digestive distress

7-10 on a 1-10 scale

Moderate Discomfort                  Once/twice weekly                       For two to four weeks then

5-10 on a 1-10 scale                                                                              Go up to next level

Knee pain whilst running

Anxiety, insomnia,  


Working on a Health Milestone  Weekly/every 2nd week                 Over several weeks until

Trying to conceive                                                                                    goal is achieved

Reducing seasonal allergies


Ongoing episodic conditions        Weekly and as needed                 over a few months   

PMS,Menstrual conditions

Support for Chronic Conditions    Weekly/every two weeks             on going as required

Chronic back pain                                                                                                                         

Chronic illness, arthritis, MS

ME, Fibromyalgia 

Work related stress

General Health and Well Being     Every two weeks to monthly            a good lifelong habit

for coping with a busy life                                                                            to maintain health

and help with wear and tear

This is for general guidance we do offer a special fee and block booking packages if you require treatment twice a week many people find once a week is fine.


"This has had a hugely positive effect on my mental state and the quality of my life has dramatically improved."

- Nick Godsall

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