Homeopathic consultations can be arranged with professional homeopath, Marion Gardner here at 

Wellness Centre Dumfries. Consultations give you the time and space to tell Marion all about your symptoms, be they physical, emotional or a combination of everything, including lifestyle projects. Together you will explore the history of your issue.  Namely, how and when it all began and how it is now, aspects of your life that affect it favorably or disagreeably; the actions(or otherwise) that you have taken to resolve it and other things that are characteristic to you like diet, likes and dislikes, emotional highs and lows, and more.

All of this helps to identify and appropriate

Homeopathic remedy for you to begin using

to help you to feel better.

The remedies are usually in tablet form made

from substances that have been specially diluted

and prepared so that they will support your inner

healing and recovery.  You may be recommended

to use Flower Essences, these are subtle liquids with

healing calming and restorative qualities.

Depending upon your needs it is usual that the remedy's action can be assessed, repeated and different remedies or other therapeutic practices incorporated.  Over the years Marion has supported people through chronic situations some of which have included conventional medical treatment and those with persistent health/lifestyle problems that have been limiting their enjoyment of life.  Her work is not a substitute for medical treatment and she is happy to liaise with your doctors and other practitioners if you wish.

Please contact Marion directly on 0783 77 26933 (phone or text) to discuss your situation and find out how she can help you here in Dumfries and obtain details of fees and appointment times.  You may also like to visit her website at www.OpenintoLife.com to discover more about her work.

"This has had a hugely positive effect on my mental state and the quality of my life has dramatically improved."

- Nick Godsall

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