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November is Moxa Season!

Moxa has been used by TCM practitioners for centuries to have a warming and envigorating effect on the body. Traditional practitioners such as Master Teng would use moxa during November to help boost immunity against the cold weather and also help to ward off winter bugs and viruses.

Moxa is made from the plant Artemesia Vulgaris , it is dried and made into rolls and then these can be used in various ways either on to the skin directly, over a slice of ginger or more commonly place on the ends of specific needles.

The moxa is lit and it smolders gently to produce a pleasant warming effect.

Moxa is particularly useful for arthritic joints, coldness in the legs and hands and lower back, tiredness, menstrual cramp / endometriosis and it can even be used to turn a breech baby.

This photograph shows moxa on a needle on the lower back , the tin- foil is in place to protect the skin.

Booking an appointment is easy, its a great idea to come in for an immune system boost at this time of year

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