The Mobiliser

The Mobiliser is a medical grade massage mat which restores movement to stiff joints, improves spinal health and mobility, helps muscles to relax and improves circulation.

The Mobiliser is available to clients of the centre as an adjunct to their treatment with acupuncture or NST Bowen, many clients go on to purchase a Mobiliser mat to use at home.

Mobilisation of the spinal joints is known:-  

  • To safely tackle chronic joint pain

  • To help with manipulative treatments

  • To improve resilience in daily activities

  • To reduce inflammation and increase circulation levels

  • To create a positive circle of greater movement

Who uses the Mobiliser?

  • Back, neck and hip pain sufferers

  • Athletes

  • Cyclists

  • Golfers

  • Horse Riders

  • Dozens of GB Olympic Gold Medallists

  • Those with long term painful illnesses needing symptomatic muscular relief

The centre is also a demo-practice point for Back In Action where you can come and try one before considering purchasing one yourself.

For more information on the Mobiliser go to

To book appointments to use the mobiliser telephone the centre on: 01387 263703

15 minute session £10

Block book 6 x 15 minute sessions for £55

To read testimonials on the mobiliser go to the drop down menu under "More Information"

"This has had a hugely positive effect on my mental state and the quality of my life has dramatically improved."

- Nick Godsall

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