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Living with less stress

Saturday 29th Feb 

10.00am -1.00pm £25 (concessions available)



Learn about stress, anxiety and the impact they have on your body

Learn beneficial yoga movements, breathing practices and relaxation techniques

Improve your well being

Learn to live with less stress and anxiety in your life.

This workshop will focus on what happens in the body when we experience small or bigger stress blips/occasions, and the implications for well being when we experience ongoing stress and anxiety.You will learn beneficial yoga movements, breathing practices and relaxation techniques which can help you understand and manage your stress and anxiety.Each particiant will receive a handout with a summary of the theory, exercises and further useful resources.

Help yourself feel better.

About the instructor

Alyson is a qualified yoga teacher of 11 years

as well as a massage therapist.She has

undertaken study into persistent pain

and has a holistic approach to helping

people to help themselves feel better

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A new workshop with Jean Manson  book directly with Jean 

Robert Broadfoot is a retired dentist and is a Yoga teacher in Stirling.He has a

diploma in stress management and teaches stress management to dentists.

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