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Patients often ask why I became an Acupuncturist ?

This is a letter I wrote to my college when I could not make it to the 30th anniversary celebrations that  took place a couple of years ago.

"NCA changed my life, I would like to thank the wonderful inspirational teachers that I trained with.  I am one of the first graduates and I am still working in Acupuncture and CHM and about to launch my new wellness centre after an amazing 24 years in practice.

Before enrolling at NCA I was working as a "stressed out" college lecturer teaching massage, anatomy, aromatherapy and reflexology.  One day I sat in the staff room and looked around me at the staff, all were suffering from "stress" and what I later identified as " Qi " stagnation.  I too was suffering from IBS, headaches and eczema. 

I did not like the look of what lay ahead of me.

I went for Acupuncture treatment and enrolled in a Tai Chi class. I was so inspired I went on to study TCM.

I have loved every year of my 24 years in practice.  I still get a real sense of joy and excitement when a patient returns to say how much Acupuncture has helped them.

Over the years I have been honoured to be asked to assist at births and also provide palliative care at the end of life. 

I managed to combine it with my equine passion and have worked with Vets on top race horses, dressage horses and elderly ponies, as well as the occasional llama, cow, cat, dog and even a goose.

At the end of 2018 I had the opportunity to move my practice to a bigger building now known as Wellness Centre Dumfries. 

This realises a long held dream of being able to provide treatments that offer the whole spectrum of Chinese Medicine as well as incorporating other therapies to complement this and provide patients with a means to help themselves and manage their journey back to health.


Northern College of Acupuncture

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Continuous Professional Development 

July 2010 Traditional Acupuncture /TCM for Facial Revitalisation post graduate course with Virginia Doran

July 2015 2 day Symposium with Dr Kerry Ridgeway and Manolo Mendez on Fascia Retraining and Postural Rehabilitation 

Oct 2015 two day course on Laser Therapy and Laser Acupuncture with Omega Laser Systems

Nov 2019 CPD certificate in Advanced Channel Theory

with Dr Janice Walton Hadlock

March 2020 (ongoing) Shibashi Qigong teaching course


May 2020 TCM and Covid 19 a RCHM seminar on treatment strategies with Charles Buck.

RCHM seminar on supporting immunity with Alex Jacobs  

10th May 2020 RCHM seminar on unexplained infertility with Dr Trevor Wing

24th May RCHM seminar on Herbal Strategies for Chinese Dietary therapy with Andrew Sterman

28th June 2020 a seminar on the treatment of Blood Stasis and how we can prevent the diseases associated with ageing by taking the approach of stimulating the blood.

Qigong weekly practice with Peter Deadman 

20th Feb 2021 The Yanagi Ryu

Tendon Acupuncture 

15th March 2021 Treating Complex  Diseases with a focus on Long Covid useing Chinese Herbal Medicine with Andrew Flower

15th March 2021 Treating Pain and Musculoskeletal problems with Chinese Herbal Medicine  with Simon King

27th March ARRC Research Symposium.

19th March 202 2 hour webinar "Utilising Acupuncture in a Multimodal Approach with Dr Avril Senior

26th March 2hr Webinar "A Pain in the Neck" the Management of Equine Cervical Dysfunction  Dr Nicole Rombach

"12 Seldom used Acupuncture Points "NCA

Current CPD Master Teng Acupuncture with Susan Johnstone


Lynda Sharp

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine ?

It is a system of medicine which has a rich past. Thousands of years of careful thought study and process went into what we now call TCM.

Treatment may include



Heat with a lamp or Moxabustion

Gua sha


Chinese Herbal Medicines

Dietary Advice 


 and we are not entirely devoted to ancient practices ...

for those who dont fancy the idea of needles we can use the low level laser instead of needles

or in some cases NST (Bowen) which is a fascia release technique which works very well for musculo skeletal problems.

check out the heading NST Bowen Therapy further down the page.

Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine
Equine Muscle Release Therapy

Professional Qualifications

DipCHM Northern College of Acupuncture (distinction) 1997

DipTCM Northern College of Acupuncture

(distinction) 1994

Dip NST Advanced Bowen Therapy 2002

Dip EMRT Equine Bowen Therapy 1999

Dip Reflexology Scottish School of Reflexology  1990

Dip Aromatherapy Edinburgh School of 

Natural Therapies

British Acupuncture Federation
Chinese Medicine Herbs
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