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Low level laser

Low Level Laser Light is an effective treatment for many types of injuries such as bruising, cuts, scarring, haematomas, tendon and ligament injuries, muscular strain and spasm, inflammation and pain.

It is also known as photobiomodulation, its action involves the modulation of the biological activity of the body through the controlled delivery of light which is monochromatic and usually but not always coherent light

 Low Level laser can be used to treat injuries, haematomas, sprains, muscular spasms, can help to heal wounds and can be used instead of needles on acupuncture points. 

soft tissue injury
soft tissue injury
soft tissue repair

These images show an equine patient who had been badly kicked on his hind leg. the first photo shows the extent of the swelling, he was very lame on the leg.

The middle photograph shows the improvent after one laser session and the application of "Dit Dat Jiao " .

The third photo shows him after a third treatment with laser and Equine Muscle Release Therapy 

You can book an appointment for your horse by calling Lynda on 07753571212

( veterinary permission is always sought before treatment is carried out)

Lynda is a full member of IAAT

Hands on Horses by Lynda Sharp
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