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"I have found Lynda Sharp to be a very professional and empathic wellness specialist. Her acupuncture has been particularly effective."

- Roger Turnbull

After suffering from Lymes Disease I now have Polymialgia Rheumatica . It has given me very severe muscle and joint pain in my arms, legs, back and shoulders. along with the stiffness I had problems with walking, sleeping and in Nov 2021 had to give up horse riding. not wanting to take the steroids offered I started acupuncture with Lynda in Feb 2022. Lynda also worked on a prescription for Chinese Herbal Medicine.Together these treatments have proved invaluable in assisting my recovery. Having now reached a point where I am riding and walking again,Lynda suggested I try a Bowen session .I was really surprised in my first session by the method and technique. It is completely painless , relaxing and very comforting. It definaitly helped to alleviate the stiffness and tenderness in my muscles. I have now decided on a further few sessions. thank you Lynda for taking the time and trouble to help me through this ghastly disease. 

Kindest Regards


message  from a happy customer

"Hi Lynda I am in Kefalonia..No back problems at all.walking miles.No pain.You are super duper in my book..Thank you Howard Fothergill"

"I was in terrible pain with sciatica, nothing was helping despite being on high doses of pain killers from my doctor... I saw Lynda for acupuncture and after the first session the pain was much more manageable. A week later i had a second treatment and an hour later the pain totally vanished. I could hardly believe it! I have been pain free since and managed to go on holiday without worry about how i would manage the pain."

- David Drife

"Where conventional medicine failed, Lynda took over with complete success. I would totally recommend treatment with the low-level-laser."

- Cyril Caig

"Lynda, you did such an amazing job on my shoulder I won't go anywhere else now!"

- Coral Budgen

"I attended Lynda for laser treatment. I have had chronic arthritis in my knee for over 15 years. After treatment I noticed 90% improvement and can now walk almost pain free. Can definitely recommend this treatment I am delighted."

- Grace Hough

"I first made an appointment to see Lynda in 2006 when I was suffering badly with stress and insomnia. After the first session I felt much more relaxed and had my best nights sleep in months. After 6 treatments, I felt completely recovered and back to normal. 

I attended again in 2009 with fluid on the knee. After 3 months of using prescribed anti-inflammatory to no avail, I contacted Lynda and after a single acupuncture session, the fluid disappeared within 2 days.

I have visited Lynda again recently with muscular neck problems. Yet again after one session I was pain free and able to turn my head fully, which I could not do before treatment. 

All my experiences have been very professional, relaxing and most beneficial! I cannot recommend Lynda highly enough. For me this lady performs miracles. 

Thank you for everything Lynda." 

- Roz Murray

"When I first contacted Lynda, I had been suffering from a prolapsed disc with annular tear for over 12 months. I had a spinal epidural and a lot of physiotherapy through the NHS which had done little to relieve my pain. Painkillers were not much help and I didn't want to take them. I was largely unable to do physio exercises due to the pain. 

Lynda's acupuncture reduced my back pain but failed to touch my neuropathic pain. Lynda gave me some simple exercises to try help with my groin pain, which they did. She also offered me to let me try the Mobiliser and after one 15 minute session, the neuropathic pains had virtually gone and my groin pains were reduced as well. 

I have subsequently had more 15 minute sessions and I am now able to walk over 3 miles without any major problems. This has had a hugely positive effect on my mental state and the quality of my life has dramatically improved.

As far as I know Lynda is the only practitioner in Scotland who has a Mobiliser in her armoury. I am fortunate that she is within travelling distance." 

- Nick Godsall

I have MS coupled with Chronic Back and Pelvic problems which in the past have needed intensive physiotherapy and acupuncture. Using the Mobiliser has been a revelation to me. One session a week releases the spasms in my back, shoulders and neck whcih allows me to enjoy a better quality of life. 

The Mobiliser reaches parts of the body in such a way as to bring a sense of relief and well being. I can't praise this wonderful piece of equipment highly enough." 

-Catherine Nicolson

"I attended Lynda for treatment on my acute back pain. She treated it with the Low Level Laser and the pain eased immediately. She also treated the chronic pain I was experiencing in my shoulder which no one had been able to ease. The pain is now completely gone.

I am absolutely delighted, I had three sessions in all, it was quick, painless and very effective."

- Louis Stankovic

"I have Scoliosis which means my spine is more of an 'S' shape, this has caused me a lot of discomfort and pain due to where the spinal curves hit my nerves. I found it difficult in high school to participate in P.E and sports due to the pain it would cause me. 

I attended Lynda for Bowen and her treatments dramatically improved my back, it didn't just improve me physically but also emotionally! Thanks to Lynda my Scoliosis does not affect me as badly as before and I am able to participate in regular sporting activities. 

Thanks to Lynda I was able to skydive, walk the West Highland Way in five days, scuba dive (earning my Padi qualification) and jet ski! I can live life to the full because of Lynda's treatments!"

- Jacqueline Stewart

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