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 Back Pain

Back pain affects more than 1.1 million people in the UK, acupuncture therapy can help by:


Providing pain relief by stimulating nerves located in muscular and connective tissue acupuncture leads to a release of endorphins and other neurohumoral factors, this brings about changes in the way pain is processed by the spinal cord and brain.

Reducing inflammation by promoting the release of vascular and immunomodulatory factors.


Relief of muscular stiffness and improving joint mobility by increasing local micro circulation, which aids the dispersal of swelling and bruising.

Reduces the use of medication. Patients can

usually start to reduce pain medication after a

few sessions

Improving outcome when added to conventional

 treatments such as rehabilitation exercises


Regulates and re balances the health

of the fascia.

Traditional Acupuncture has been researched


and has been found to be a very effective treatment

for back pain .

Treatment may involve the use of massage techniques,

moxibustion (application of warming herbs),

electro - acupuncture and cupping as well as needling.

You will also be given exercises to do to suit your particular problem.

If you would like to talk to Lynda before booking

an appointment please telephone 07753571212 during office hours

or book online

for a free 15 minute no obligation chat.

Wellness Centre Dumfries Acupuncture Lyn

"When I had my sciatica I was beside myself with pain and couldn't function.

Lynda was fabulous and cured me !

I love acupuncture so much now,I go regularly .I am even afraid of needles but the treatment is so good and it doesn't even hurt "

Jaquie Tosh

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