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Facial Revitalisation

Lynda worked as a Beauty Therapist and Beauty Therapy Lecturer prior to training as an Acupuncturist. She has now brought together her expertise in facial acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, gua sha, facial massage,  laser therapy and beauty therapy to develop a unique Facial Revitalisation Treatment, which helps overall well being as well as having a gentle lifting effect to the face. 

​Lynda did post graduate training with Virginia Doran a Facial Acupuncture specialist who has a very successful practice in Manhattan.

This relaxing treatment provides one of the most effective and safest techniques to help keep our skin looking youthful, healthy and flawless.

Facial Revitalisation is recommended for


Eye bags 

Loss of definition to the jaw line and

sagging of cheek area

Fine lines and wrinkles

Redness of the skin

Facial Acupuncture is also very effective 

in the treatment of Bells Palsy 

This appointment can be booked on line 

and can be purchased as a 

stand alone appointment however

to achieve more lasting results it is best 

to book at least a three treatment block 



Model's Lower Face

"I am amazed by the results - I have never looked or felt this young in years. My friends keep complimenting me and even my husband noticed! I finally feel comfortable in my own skin again." - Diane T.

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