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NST Bowen therapy is a unique system of myofascial stimulation and correction of patterns of muscular dysfunction .

It is an effective treatment for neck,back and shoulder pain and more....




I originally trained in the Equine equivalent of Bowen Therapy as I was using acupuncture at the time and noticed that manual manipulation, although sometimes necessary, 

seemed to cause problems with pain, inflammation and general lack of acceptance of further treatment afterwards.This led me to training in EMRT which is a therapy I continue to use on horses to great effect.

I 've been so impressed by the results that this led me on to studying NST Bowen Therapy for people with one of my TCM tutors from NCA Michael Burgess.

He had been successfully treating his patients with acupuncture ,herbs ,NST bowen and Qigong for many years.

I find that the combination of therapies work wonderfully well together, the therapies are not generally used at the same visit but quite often I find that a session of NST at the beginning of a course of treatment releases the fascia thus helping to speed up the process when I come to use acupuncture.

NST Bowen Therapy is very safe

There is no painful manipulation.

It can be applied through clothing (jeans are a but thick bring some leggings to wear)

It takes approx 45 mins per session

The "moves" are a series of light rolling touches over key areas, when a set of moves have been applied you will be left to relax for around two minutes whilst your nervous system makes adjustments. then the next set of "moves" are applied.The treatment continues in this way and is very relaxing.

You will be sent home with some simple after care advice and perhaps some exercises to do.

Many people find that after they have had their initial treatment sessions they continue with maintenance treatment perhaps monthly or bi monthly to maintain good health.

How does NST differ from other forms of Bowen?

NST is the choreography of Tom Bowen 's later and more advanced principles.

The philosophy is further influenced by the remarkable chiropractor Major Bertrand De Janette who developed sacro-occipital technique.

It is taught only to practitioners who are already trained in Bowen or is some other modality such as osteopathy,acupuncture etc.

What is it good for?

NST bowen can be very helpful for all types of musculo skeletal problems such as ...

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Low Back Pain

hip pain

Knee pain and Ankle pain

Plantar fasceitis


How does it work?

NST works very gently to correct tightness and restrictions in the sheets of fascia and connective tissue which hold your skeletal system in place.

This can be done without forceful manipulation.

How many sessions do I need ?

we advise three sessions for most issues but if it is a chronic condition you may need more than three sessions.

Sometimes you need acupuncture I can advise 

"This has had a hugely positive effect on my mental state and the quality of my life has dramatically improved."

- Nick Godsall

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