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Athletic fitness and strength is closely linked to our overall health. The approach taken by Traditional Chinese Medicine is to look at the person as an individual.

With questioning, physical observation and checking of the qualities of the pulse and tongue, it is possible to identify weaknesses and strengths withinin the constitution of an individual.

Initially it is essential to book a "New Patient Appointment " so that we can have time to go through your medical history and decide on the best course of treatment.
This then allows for a bespoke program to be planned and applied to create balance within the body and help you be in the best of health allowing you to get the best results from your training.

Both Acupuncture and NST Bowen Therapy can be used to enhance your well-being prior to athletic competition 

For injuries affecting your fitness and training,Traditional Acupuncture, NST Bowen Therapy and Low Level Laser therapy can aid healing and speed up recovery time. The type of problems that can be treated include,

muscular injuries, tendon and ligament injuries, ITB problems, sciatica , shoulder and neck injuries, post viral recovey, tiredness, stress and anxiety.

Outdoor Fitness

As a Pure Gym Member you qualify for a 10% discount on New Patient Appointments and Follow-Up Appointments

To book an appointment click on the booking link which takes you to the booking page

If you need any advice or help with booking contact Lynda on 07753571212(office hours) or book a free 10 minute chat .

You can email by clicking here

Alison Tyler the Early Bird who has a class at 7.30 am


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