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Autumn is upon us and it is a time of year that many people struggle with as they feel a sense of loss as the brightness of Summer fades.The yang energy of Summer transforms into the yin of Autumn.

The element associated with Autumn in Chinese Medicine is the Metal Element its organs being the lung and large intestine.

The lung is the organ of grief and loss and it is important to self nurture and harmonise with nature during the season of Autumn.

Autumn brings a sense of gathering in, stocking up. pulling in,and dying back.

Acupuncture treatments at this time can help us to cope with seasonal change.

The lung takes the Qi from the air sending it downwards to nourish our roots. It protects from us from external invasion and safeguards our inner resources.

This is an ideal time of your to fortify our bodies with good food, rest and plentiful sleep as well as gently tonifying our Qi with acupuncture ,nourishing herbs, Qi gong and Tai chi.

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