Entrance to Wellness Centre Dumfries
Entrance to Wellness Centre Dumfries

The entrance is is George St Meuse just behind Greyfriars Church

The waiting room at Wellness Centre Dumfries
The waiting room at Wellness Centre Dumfries

Relax before or after your treatment with a cup of herbal tea

A chart showing the Acupuncture points
A chart showing the Acupuncture points

This chart is from an ancient text book on Acupuncture these points are still used today

Entrance to Wellness Centre Dumfries
Entrance to Wellness Centre Dumfries

The entrance is is George St Meuse just behind Greyfriars Church


Under the current Covid 19 restrictions and current guidance from the Scottish Government 

We can reopen on the 26th April 2021. We will be able to operate under strict guidelines with enhanced cleaning procedures, social distancing and use of PPE. 

The downstairs reception space will be open with seating spaced out for social distancing and the toilet in that area will be available for customer use. There will be hand sanitisation dispensers as well as satiser spray for your use on the seating. Please remember that you are required by law to wear a face covering at all times when inside the building.

As we do not have a receptionist at the desk at the moment please book and pay for appointments on our online booking system

Call Lynda on 07753571212 for advice



Wellness Centre Dumfries is owned and run by Lynda Sharp who has worked in Dumfries and Galloway for the past 27 years specialising in 

Traditional Acupucture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

She is also a practitioner of NST (advanced ) Bowen Therapy

She is a full member of the British Acupuncture Association and 

the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine.

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             Lynda Sharp


01387 263703


Wellness Centre Dumfries 

9 George St Meuse


DG1 1HH 

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Genuine Acupuncturists in the UK complete  3+ years of University level training before they are eligible to join the BAcC. Those trained to prescribe herbs complete an additional 2-3 yrs of training before they can join the RCHM 

These organisations set the benchmark for 

professional standards in the UK

WHO the World Health Organisation

supports Acupuncture and has stated that

it is a proven treatment for a long list of diseases 

China 's TCM hospitals treated 416 million patients in 2012 using Acupuncture and 

Chinese Herbal Medicine 

100 's of millions of people use this medicine all over the world

In the UK 3.14 million people use Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine annually



so go on give it a try .......... 

White Willow Bark known as Liu Shu Pi 

in TCM.

Used to treat pain and inflammation

Barley is known as Da Mai in TCM and is 

used as a tonic for the body and the digestive system .

It is also something that can be in the larder at home to add to soups and stews 

Barley is known as Da Mai in TCM it is an

excellent tonic for the digestive system

and as a general tonic.It is also something that is in most home kitchens and can be added to soups and stews

Patients booking appointments can nowclaim on Private Health Insurance 

Companies on the list include Aviva, Westfield Health, Simply Health and many more