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             Lynda Sharp



Wellness Centre Dumfries 

9 George St Meuse


DG1 1HH 

Wellness Centre Dumfries Limited

To find us you must walk under the archway from George St right next to St Georges Church. Do not follow Google !

Wellness Centre Dumfries

is a friendly, relaxing,

professional clinic right in the centre 

of Dumfries.It is situated in a small lane just off

George Street  making it a quiet, peaceful haven

despite being near public transport links.

It is run by Lynda Sharp who has 

been working as a TCM Acupuncturist,

Herbalist and Advanced NST Bowen Therapist

in Dumfries for 30 years.Over this time scale 

she has become a highly respected practitioner

She also specialises in

Low Level Laser Therapy/ LLL Acupuncture

 and Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture.

She is a full member of the prestigeous

 Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine and 

the Association of Acupuncture Clinicians.

Lynda Sharp has helped many people find a way to deal 

with a wide variety of health problems. She has a particular interest in

treating musculoskeletal problems, back pain ,arthritis, anxiety and stress, fertility problems and womens health issues.

By taking a holistic approach, she is keen to empower people by helping them find ways to help themselves on their path to wellness, 

this may include simple lifestyle changes to achieve a permanent  well being and vitality.

If you are not sure which treatment may suit you click on the

BOOK NOW button its very simple to book a free 10 minute chat. 

You can also call directly on 07753571212

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Lynda sharp



Assocoiation of Acupuncture Clinicians

Genuine Acupuncturists in the UK complete  3+ years of University level training before they are eligible to join the AAC. Those trained to prescribe herbs complete an additional 2-3 yrs of training before they can join the RCHM 

These organisations set the benchmark for 

professional standards in the UK

British Acupuncture Federation

WHO the World Health Organisation

supports Acupuncture and has stated that

it is a proven treatment for a long list of diseases 

Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine
Bowen Therapy

Patients booking appointments can now claim on Private Health Insurance 

Companies on the list include Aviva, Simply Health and many more

China 's TCM hospitals treated 416 million patients in 2012 using Acupuncture and 

Chinese Herbal Medicine 

100 's of millions of people use this medicine all over the world

In the UK 3.14 million people use Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine annually



so go on give it a try .......... 

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