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2021 The Year of the Metal Ox

The Chinese Calender works on 12 year cycles which are assigned to a particular animal.

These cycles are then linked to an element such as Fire ,Water, Earth,Metal and Wood giving us a 60 year cycle of each Animal being linked to a specific element.

The last time we had a year pertaining to the Metal Ox was in 1961.

The context is different for each year but the ancient Chinese recorded recurrent themes that brings new themes to each year.

What does the Metal Ox mean for us in 2021?

This year follows on from a very fast and challenging year of the Metal Rat in 2020 and although it is still pertaining to the Metal element the Ox brings us a different pace.

The season pertaining to Metal is Autumn this is a time when things disconnect, finish and we are left with a sense of something missing.

It brings a desire for simplicity and perfection and a time to recognise our values.

The Ox is consistent, plodding and hardworking. it has a steady approach to life.

That said there is a duality to the bull it can rampage and charge !

So what does 2021 mean for us and how should we best approach it?

1. Keep it steady.

If you think of two oxen ploughing they are preparing the ground for what is to come, they work best in a team, the plough will bring up old hidden issues for us and we should say to ourselves " thats interesting " and move on. We need to be careful not

to lock horns! Approach new projects and oppertuities in a steady and consistent way.

2. We need to be open to releasing the old and be accepting of the new

This is one of the easiest years for us to let go of clutter, limiting beliefs and dreams

that you did not get round to. It is a time to recognise what is important to us.

3. Be kind to ourselves and others

We are planting the seeds of what will come. some people will be terrified of loss just

give them space. Dont get caught up with the rampaging bull. Be the peaceful, calm pastoral bull.

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