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Spring is round the corner

Wed 20th March is the Spring Equinox.

In Chinese Medicine Spring heralds the Wood Element.

This is part of the five element system in traditional chinese medicine.

Many people have an Acupuncture top up treatment to help with the transition into a new phase

in the elemental callender.

The Wood Element links to the Liver and Gall Bladder Channels .

When this channel system gets blocked we can suffer from stress, irritation,guilt,

grumpiness, mood swings and anger.

Shoulders and neck gets tight, we get tired, we get achy muscles, headaches possibly migraines,

Digestion can be disrupted as can sleep

Self help suggestions include

Walking , Cycling and Running all help to get the Qi moving and stops stagnation.

Eating /drinking juices made from Beetroot and Spinach help to Nourish the liver blood

Yoga stretches such as "downward facing dog" and side stretches all help.

Downward Facing dog stretches out the whole of the back of the body

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