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Yuletide Greetings

I can hardly believe that we are approaching the Winter Solstice of 2021.

It is the time for rest, good food and relaxation. This year again brings us uncertainty around how we can celebrate the festive season and again it is looking like we will be spending more time at home and perhaps not getting to spend time with family and friends.

Its not what most of us were all hoping for but we should all try to embrace the chance to enjoy some quiet leisure time.

Our immune systems work more efficiently when we are not under stress and when we take care to eat wholesome natural foods. Adequate rest and sleep is vital to well being.

The Spring and Summer and extra light will return quickly bringing us new opertunities to look forward to and our lives will no doubt return to a busy social whirl.

At Wellness Centre Dumfries we have managed to keep the centre running despite covid restrictions.

Should there be further lock downs (fingers crossed there are not!!)

We WILL be allowed to REMAIN OPEN so keep booking appointments !!

We have been working all year with stringent hygene proceedures in place and that will continue into the New Year.

I have been very busy this year seeing many new and regular patients for Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and NST Bowen Therapy.

I will be closed between 22nd Dec and 5th January but the on line booking system can be found on the web site. It is very simple to use.

Craig Allinson has been working within Wellness Centre Dumfries since May and has steadily built up a very successful McTimmony Chiropractic Practice. This very gentle and effective form of Chiropractic is one of my favourite therapies. He will be closed from 22nd Dec to 3rd January but bookings can be made on line by visiiting

Mariana Lausen will be returning on Jan 6th to offer her wonderful small group yoga classes and

Lois from Dark Sky pilates will be returning on Jan 5th. Bookings can be made at

So what is planned for 2022

Once group workshops can be run with doors and windows open I have plans to bring in new and interesting educational events for 2022 aimed at helping people recover form what has been a really difficult time.

So watch this space and as soon as I have the various event bookings in place they will be advertised.

Wellness Centre Dumfries has a lovely downstairs studio space so hopefully in 2022 people will be able to return and enjoy some of the activities we used to be able to offer.

Wishing you all a Very Happy Christmas and New Year


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