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Zoom on in for a Chat

I will be offering consultations on Zoom for Chinese Herbal Medicine Prescriptions.

Many people have not even thought of trying Chinese Herbal Medicine.

It is a bit like having a "little" acupuncture treatment every day rather than coming in to see me once a week.

During this lock down many of us are suffering from the side effects of being cooped up and having our lives disrupted in all sorts of ways. Problems such as Anxiety and Insomnia can be helped greatly by Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Other conditions such as IBS respond very well as do Infertility and Gynaecological and Skin conditions.

This week the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine is providing its members with CPD training on the use of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine in the treament and management of Pain so look on on the Wellness Centre Face Book page for updates

Of course everyone is worried about the dangers of covid19 .

There is evidence that Chinese Herbal Medicine can really enhance the immune system and many of my collegues from the RCHM have been successfully treating patients who are suffering from the after effects of Covid 19.

If you would like to try some Chinese Herbal Medicine all you have to do is book an appointment online. During our consultation I can also advise on some Qi Gong and dietary changes that will enhance your well being.

Lets all hope that this lock down situation eases as quickly as possible but in the mean time if you feel that you need some help and support contact me on 07753571212 (within normal office hours) or email me on

To read more about my training and experience please go to and click on find a practitioner

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