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Advent is upon us.

Advent is a time of the year that some of us love and others find stressful .

Certainly the short days leading up to the winter solstice can bring an excuse to get snuggled down in front af a log fire but for others it can feel like a lonely time .

This time of year should be a time to rest and relax and recharge our batteries .

Very often we are rushing around, shopping, partying and" burning the candle at both ends" leading to a drop in our natural immunity to colds and flu.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine is an ideal way to boost immunity and flagging energy.

Foods that can help include ginger tea, chicken broth made with proper stock, warming roasted foods and stews. Wrapping up well against cold winds really helps to prevent our acupuncture channels from" invasion of cold"which can lead to all sorts of health problems both acute and chronic.

Whatever you do I hope that you enjoy this time of the year and I would also like to thank all of the people who have continued to support Wellness Centre Dumfries this year,


Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for good health in 2024

from Lynda x

If you wish to book an appointment please do so soon as we will be closed 23rd Dec to 5th Jan

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